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Our rate is $500 a day. A day typically starts around 10 AM and lasts for however long you, your bandmates, and we, the engineers, are comfortable working for. This way we don't have to rush any part of the creative or technical aspects of capturing your art.


We want to create and service a community of creatives, techs, and everything in between. To facilitate that we have created additional multipurpose lodging available for $60 a day. Included are all amenities you would typically find in an AirBNB (bed, microwave, fridge, etc.) as well as tools for the average musician or producer to work from their own laptop (studio monitors, interface, desk, etc.).

First Wave Recording Studios makes it a priority to create fulfilling, beautiful art for people of all backgrounds, not just the well-off; who, traditionally, have been the only people who can afford to hire recording studios. To combat this, we offer payment plans as well as per-project rates for larger works (albums, movies, livestreams, installations, etc.) on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for a free estimate and we can work something out. We want to work with you.

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