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First Wave Recording Studios started as the brainchild of Jennifer Webbert and Wynn Yang: a studio for everybody. As seniors at Virginia Tech, they became infatuated with the world of music and decided to create an inclusive space where creativity and innovation can flow. First Wave Recording Studios is a multimedia studio focused on creating artisanal products for the artist.

We've played in dozens of ensembles both together and separately: everything from big bands and orchestras to R&B groups and rock bands. We've taken this universal love of music to our studio and now pride ourselves in our flexibility and versatility. As our mission states: we want to "spread the ideas of the innovative and unconventional." Our priority is to record the music that we want to listen to and you want to make.


"[The engineers at First Wave] are extremely honest and perfectionists. Everyone needs a perfectionist. Every song we've done, [First Wave] has been completely honest and worked hard to give them the best sound that they can be."
- Caleb Reed, 2021

"I honestly thought my audiobook would have to be some weekend project I'd record with a laptop mic in my closet, but First Wave Recording Studios has helped turn it into something far better than I could have imagined. While the recording sessions felt welcoming and enjoyable, the service was still quite professional. They would even go above and beyond to help by actually giving me feedback in order to make sure the voice acting was the best that it could be. All in all, I've never had so much fun working on a dream project before and I'm already looking forward to the next time we get to work together."
- Virgil Thornton II, 2020 

"I’ve been working with Wynn Yang and then First Wave for 2 years now and I can’t recommend their services enough. They are professional, hip, and very talented. I’m excited to record more projects with them and I can’t wait to see them grow even more."
- Terrell Worrell, 2020

"Working with First Wave for our first EP session, our studio experience couldn't have been better. We were genuinely impressed at how smooth everything flowed. Prior to recording, we ran over details & goals for each track. When the time came to record, we were all very impressed by the equipment & methods being used. Upon getting our final mixes, we were shocked at how great they turned out. When it comes to flexibility, dedication, pricing & professionalism, First Wave is your best bet." 

- Cactus Club, 2020

"The minute we began tracking, Wynn and Jen made me feel so natural that recording a solid take came with relative ease. Additionally, as we progressed through the session I began to notice that First Wave was bringing the best out of each of our band members, from encapsulating our energy to laying down a drum track to make up for our lack of a drummer. Overall, First Wave Recording studios has helped me grow as an artist by creating an organic setting that results in the most authentic expression of ourselves through the music." 

- Sam Janousek, 2020